Disel Engine Paddle Wheel Aerator


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10 Pieces / Day
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Product Specifications

Diesel engine driven multi-impeller waterwheel aerator is developed by Jinhulong Company for aquaculture in power-deficient areas.Impeller aerator. The machine uses a small diesel engine as the power source, and shifts through the gearbox to drive 10~16 sets of waterwheels.Splashing water, driving water to flow, dissolving oxygen, decomposing harmful substances, improving pond water quality, is aquaculture A good helper for the family.

The main power part of the diesel engine driven multi-impeller waterwheel aerator is placed on the pond base and powered by the universal joint. It is transmitted to the rotating shaft to drive the impeller. The working speed of the impeller is better at 100~130 rpm.

The diesel engine is selected from 8 to 12 mini-machines. The long arm aerators is light, practical, fuel-efficient, and has a strong water-drawing capacity.The effect is remarkable, especially suitable for farmers with a large pond area.