WQA Series Submersible Sewage Pumps


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Production Capacity
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Product Specifications

Flow: 7~5000m2/h;
Head: ≤80m;
Power: ≤315kW;
Caliber: ≤600mm;
Medium temperature: ≤+45C;
Material: cast iron/ball milled cast iron;
Application scope: sewage transportation, discharge, industrial waste water transportation, waste water transportation with contaminants.

Outline of the product:

In order to make the WQ series submersible sewage pump (F/JY) with better reliability, higher unit efficiency service to customers, in 25 years manufacturing experience of this series of pump, on the basis of updated again optimization of hydraulic model, the innovation of mechanical seal and bearing structure, uses the high quality motor, according to the use of environmental conditions, 18.5 kW and above pump for motor cycle cooling system, ensure the reliability. The whole series of 111 basic specifications, through the use of the prototype impeller and modified impeller and cutting, in the spectrum of performance, can provide appropriate to meet the needs of users of arbitrary flow, head working point of the pump.

The standard products are GB/ t24674-2009, JB/ t8092-2006, GB/ t12785-2002.

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