Cylinder ball bearing swivel fishing tackle accessories


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Production Capacity
1000 Pieces / Month
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Product Specifications

No.: YM-1057

Name: Cylinder ball bearing swivel

Material: Brass + stainless steel

Color: Black nickel, white nickel

Specification Pull KG
4mm 25
4.5mm 35
5mm 50
6mm 70
7mm 90
8mm 140
9mm 160


This swivel combines excellent rotation and super strong pull;

Even if the tension is strong, the flexibility of rotation is not affected at all, and the wide angle is beyond the one of other swivels;

The interior is equipped with high-precision stainless steel beads, which are wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, making this swivel be the authority in the swivels;

① This product is exquisitely crafted and durable, suitable for all kinds of fishing.
② Made of stainless steel and high quality brass, anti-aging, high wear resistance, strong impact resistance, long service life, double insurance, not suitable for tripping;
③ The swivel rotates smoothly, and the pulling force is super strong;
④ The swivel can also rotate flexibly under strong tension;
⑤ The connecting ring is argon arc welded and made by stainless steel, which is durable;
⑥ This accessory is suitable for a variety of different fishing methods and is your preferred fishing accessory;
⑦ It can be connected to string hooks, explosion hooks, bean cake hooks, lunch box hooks, cymbals and main lines, etc..For road fishing, it can be connected to soft bait, hard bait, lead hook, sequins and so on.