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Robot Net Weight185KG
Welding Robot Brief Introduction
The welding robot is an industrial robot engaged in welding, mainly includes robot and welding equipment. The robot consists of the robot body and the control cabinet (hardware and software). welding equipment for arc welding consists of the welding power, wire feeder, welding torch etc, for intelligent welding robot it should also have a sensing system, such as laser or camera sensors etc.

Genius Robotics: Leading Manufacturer of Welding Robot in China
Genius Robotics Zhenkang professionally manufacture arc welding robot including MAG, MIG and TIG welding and laser welding robot, our advantages of welding robot as below.
1.Welding robot body: Hollow axles, high trajectory precision 0.3mm and high repeatability 0.03mm, advanced test instrument FARO from USA to ensure precision, low noise < 75dB, the welding torch and welding system is integrated in the robot, nice appearance.
2.Welding machine: the robot equipped with digital welding power supply, have feature of low spatter, can save labor hours of welding grinding.
3.Control system: Ultra-small size, super performance, high integrated control technology, achieve various precision indicators.
We also supply welding positioner, rotary table and the 7th axis floor trailer to meet your welding requirements, we not only manufacture welding robot, but also provide your welding system integration solution.

The Application Industry of Welding Robot
Welding robot could be used in thin steel plates such as medical equipment, furniture, teaching equipment, guardrails, sheet metal, auto parts, two-wheelers and tricycles.
Also for middle-thick steel plates, can be used in construction machinery, steel structure, petrochemical machinery and mining machinery etc.

The advantages of Welding Robot
As technology development, automatic welding robot began to be used for production, its technology has become increasingly mature. It has mainly the following advantages:
1.Improve production efficiency, firstly, the speed of welding robot is faster than manual welding, besides, welding robot can work 24hours continuously.
2.Improve the welding quality, the welding quality of robot is better than manual welding, the welding quality is more stable.
3.Reduce the cost of enterprise.

If you would like buy high quality welding robot from China, Genius Robotics Zhenkang is your trust manufacturer.