Cosmetic Jar Cream Plastic Jar With Lid


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

Feature :

These glass containers are perfect for concentrates like wax and shatter. Designed for ease of use, these containers The thick glass and well-fitting cap protects the potency of the product, seals in scent and freshness, and prevents the possibility of leakage. The 5mL size is great for storing concentrate, buds, or samples of other products.

Item Size Volume FOB USD/PC Material Carton Size Package N.W/Carton (k.g.) G.W/Carton(k.g.)

JDG005 childproof , 5ml , D; 34MM H; 21MM 42*38*18 504pcs/ctn

JDG009 ,childproof , 9ml , D; 40MM H; 20MM 36*36*19 320pcs/ctn

JDG2oz ,childproof , 2oz, D:52mm H:59MM 40*29*27 140pcs/ctn

JDG3oz ,childproof , 3oz, D:52mm H:74MM 40*29*25 105pcs/ctn

JDG4oz, childproof , 4oz, D:60mm H:69MM 45*33*24 105pcs/ctn

JDG5oz,childproof , 5oz, D:52mm H:102MM 40*29*21 70pcs/ctn

JDG8oz,childproof , 8oz, D:80mm H:84mm 51*34*20 48pcs/ctn