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Product Specifications

Our products mainly include air couplers, air tools, hand tools and electronic tools. And they are widely used in industry area and domestic area, and even automotive repair area.

Our after sales service is as good as our product quality. When the customers have problems doing custom clearance or facing the bad quality of products, we will offer the solution in the first time and put into practice.

The filter regulators produced and sold by Sinppa Air Tools Factory can precisely control the flow speed or accuracy of gas and liquid. Our filter regulators are durable, affordable, and provide comprehensive after-sales service.

Using our filter regulators can optimize your operation and provide you with a stable and convenient experience.

More information:
AW3000-02 1/4"
AW3000-03 3/8"
AW4000-03 3/8"
AW4000-04 1/2"
AW4000-06 3/4"
AW5000-06 3/4"
AW5000-10 1"

Consdier buying our AIR FILTER REGULATOR!

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