Spouted Pouch Filler and Capper


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Shenzhen, China
Production Capacity
10 Pieces / Month
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Product Specifications

Rotary Filler and Capper for Pre-made Stand-Up Pouches

This is a rotary filling and capping machine for pre-made (stand-up) pouches with spouts and caps. It can process 3 pre-made pouches at once and the capacity is up to 45 x 1 liter pouches per minute . This filler and capper is ideal to package liquid or semi-liquid food products like dairy alternative, sauce, beverage, edible oil and more. Non-food applications include synthetic oil, liquid soap, paint, shampoo, lotion, liquid detergent and more. Both corner spouted pouches and center spouted pouches are applicable to this machine.

Our R&D is strong and we can customize pouch filler for pouches with not only double-layer but also single-layer sloted spouts.

Applicable pouches: premade, corner or center spouted pouches
Pouch width:max. 350mm
Pouch height:to be confirmed
Gusset size:to be confirmed
Pouch spout diameter:16mm or more
Filling range:1000-4000ml
Number of filling heads: 3
Number of capping heads: 3
Capacity:45 x 1L pouches/min

We also have a form-insert-seal monoblock case packer for stand-up pouches as the downstream packaging solution.