Automatic Vegetable Centrifuge FT-201A


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

1. Applicable to leaf, root vegetables drying/dewatering.
2. The product to be dried is evenly conveyed to the drum at the optimal rotating speed.
3. The drum automatically slows down and rotate 180 degrees to gently discharge the product.
4. High pressure air knife will be activated which cleans all residual particles of leaf out of the drum during the discharge period.
5. The continuous production and centrifuging cycle without interruption.
6. Fully automatic centrifuging process is controlled by PLC or the wireless network to operate.
7. Significant saving of time, energy as well as labour.

Dimension: L6935 x W3380 x H2700 mm
Power: 9HP

Foodtec Machinery Corp.

Taiwan, Province of China