PVB double glass module


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Product Specifications

72 version (9BB-166) Standard test conditions:AM1.5,E=1000W/m2,TC=25℃
Pmax 440W~450W Maximum system voltage 1500V
Tolerance range 0~5W Maximum system current 20A
Vpm 41.2V Operating temperature -40~85℃
Ipm 10.7A Cell type Monocrystalline silicon
Voc 49.3V Weight (Kg) 25.2kg
Isc 11.2A Specification (mm) 2089*1033*5.3

Half-cell battery technology, brand new circuit design.

Super frame, can bear 5400Pa mechanical load test.

Drainage system design to prevent deformation and cracking of the frame due to freezing.

Significantly reduce the risk of hot spots and reduce power loss.

Excellent anti-PID performance and strict quality control ensure the high reliability of the product