ANTIOXIDANT 1315 CAS NO.171090-93-0


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Product Specifications

ANTIOXIDANT 1315CAS NO.171090-93-0
Chemical Name: C13-C15 alkyl (3’,5’-di-t-butyl-4’-hydroxyphenyl) propionate
CAS No.:171090-93-0
Molecular formula:C29-31H48-52O3
Molecular weight: 485
Molecular structure

Appearance:Clear to light yellowish Liquid
R.I./25℃ 1.470-1.496
S.G./25℃ 0.910-0.960

ANTIOXIDANT HONOX-1315 is a highly effective hindered phenol antioxidant and compatible in wide range of polymers under practical use dosage. It is especially suitable to be applied in many polymers like urethane, polyolefin or other rubbers. It can be also used to substitute for at hhochem. com