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Product Specifications

Product Name: Chlorfenapyr
Category: Insecticide
English Name: Chlorfenapyr
Chemical Name: 4-Bromo-2-(p-chloropenyl)-1-(ethoxymethyl-5-(trifluoromethyl)pyrrle-3-carbonitrile
Content: 97%min; Package: 25kg Fiber Drum
Formulation: 10%SC
Molecular Weight: 437.2
CAS: 122453-73-0
Molecular Formula: C15H11BrClF3N2O

Physical and Chemical Properties: The appearance is white to yellowish solid. Melting point is 100-101oC. Vapor pressure is below 10*10^(-7) torr at 25oC. It is soluble in acetone. Its solubility in deionized water is 0.13-0.17 (pH=7). It is neutral and the pH is 6-8.
Toxicity: Acute oral toxicity for rat is LD50 441-1152mg/kg, acute dermal toxicity for rabbit is LD50 ≥2000mg/kg and light irritant to rabbit eyes. Japanese carp LC50 is 0.5ppm. Through modified Ames test and Chinese hamster ovarian test, which indicates no mutegenicity.
Phytotoxicity: When Chlorfenapyr is soluble in acetone and water as 1:1 and the density is 1000ppm, it has no phytotoxicity to cotton and butter bean.
Control Object: This product is new type insecticide and acaricide of pyrrole. It can effect on many kinds of insects on stomach toxicity and contact. It is safe to plant. It can control spodoptera exigua and pluttela xylostella and has the advantages such as high efficacy, long pesticide duration and low formulation rate.
Function Character: Stomach toxicity and contact.
First Aid: Toxicity symptom: it can cause diarrhea. Once contact skin or eyes, use soap and water to wash immediately. If accidently swallow, please do not vomit and send to hospital immediately