Spunbond Nonwoven


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Production Capacity
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Product Specifications

This product is made of polypropylene spun directly by thermal bonding, its strength is much higher than that of general staple fiber products, and its transverse strength is similar, and its softening point is about 160 ℃. It can be dyed, flame-retardant, antistatic printing and other special treatments, and it can also be combined with plastic film to form a composite coil. According to different production processes and product uses, the spunbond fabrics produced by our company can be divided into: water-repellent spunbond fabrics, hydrophilic spunbond fabrics, SS spunbond fabrics and SMS spunbond fabrics.

Features: High-strength, soft, low-quantitative but uniform, hygienic, light-weight, breathable, non-toxic, non-odorous, non-irritating to the skin, etc .;
Uses: Can be widely used in medical, health, industrial and agricultural, tourism and other fields;
Specifications: Gram weight 8-200g / m2, width 35-2600mm;