Towel Ring/hanger-G1910070-73


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Product Specifications

Item No: G1910070
Desc.: Triangle Towel Ring/hanger
Size: 21*18CM PU:2.5*13cm
Item No: G1910071
Desc.: Round Towel Ring/hanger
Size: Dia 21*21CM PU:2.5*13cm
Item No: G1910073
Desc.: square Towel Ring/hanger
Size: 21*21CM PU:2.5*13cm

Taizhou Huangyan Grace Handcrafts Co. Ltd. was established in year 2005.
We are formerly Zhejiang Diantou Handcrafts Factory which has more than 28 years experience in manufacturing X’mas, Easter and daily indoor and outdoor decorations.Our company is a professional enterprise specialized in designing and producing handcrafts.
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