RYSB-T Series automatic stretch blow molding machine


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

RYSB-T series of bottle blowing machine has the advantages of high precision, high stability, energy saving, clean, low noise and so on, as a new generation high performance series of bottle blowing machine.


1. High yield:Due to the adoption of the heating and molding two tracks run separately, blowing of high-speed operation,thus the output is improved.

2. Low energy:Due to the adoption of transfer structure, heating the two preform is close by, makes full use of the heat.

3. Clean:Blow molding track without rotation chain, without oil lubrication, therefore the product cleaner.

4. Simple:the patent technology chain drive towards technology and two orbit transmission structure, structure more simple, reliable.

5. Air recovery system.

6. Output will be improved 20?30% per unit time.