Sling Ejector Pin JHN03


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0 20' Container / Day
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Product Specifications

Ejector pin is the “bouncer” of the injection molding world. They apply force to eject a part from the mold, and in some cases can leave marks. We are to design and position pins to minimize their effect on your parts. You can apply this product to release elasticity from the bottom. And the features of the product are that it can adjust to the required eject height in advance and it is easy to install.

Material Hardness

1.2101 HRC58°±2

Product Details

Type Dimension


JHN03-1 6 M10x0.75 16 3x87

JHN03-2 8 M12x0.75 18 4x109

JHN03-3 10 M14X0.75 20 4x1211

JHN03-4 12 M16x0.75 22 4x1413

Because the contact surface is parallel with the ejector plate, the thickness of release elasticity from the bottom's smallest area is just 4mm, and a new characteristic of this product is that ejecting first and then releases elasticity from the bottom.