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  The use of concentrated oxygen is the most direct, fast, and safe way for people to undergo oxygen therapy. Rather than relying on another part of your body to decrease the effects of hypoxia indirectly, the inhalation of oxygen may directly increase O2 levels within the arterial system. Oxygen therapy only increases the O2 levels that the body consumes. Currently, there is no proven research that this therapy is harmful to the body. Thus, the therapeutic use of concentrated oxygen only improves overall health instead of changing the
(bodies) natural physiological state or biochemical composition. Concentrated oxygen is a low-flow type of oxygen therapy. It is very easy to use without any special training and is quick, beneficial to health, and is risk-free.
  1-3 Liter adjustable range (increased capacity coming soon) Oxygen
concentration up to 96%, stable oxygen supply for approximately 48 hours Touch
operated multi-functional unit Large-screen displays oxygen purity with clear
numbers LED display lights for status Easy to use and portable
  The advantages:
  Self-administered at-home oxygen therapy Reverse the damaging effects of hypoxia by increasing the overall oxygen level in the body may improve the oxygen content of arterial blood and provide for improved function of skin and tissues. Recommended for elderly people, pregnant women, patients with chronic
disease, and employees within environments with allergens, pollutants, etc.
Concentrated oxygen is an active, direct, rapid, and safe therapy Higher energy
levels, better sleep, and overall increased vitality
  Model RY-3W Electronic flow regulation yes
  Nominal oxygen yield 3L/min Add/drop time yes
  Oxygen concentration 93%V±3%V Accumulation/transportation yes
  Noise figure ≤52A Negative ions going not
  Input power ≤250V voice capability yes
  Atomization rate ≥0.2ML/min remote control yes
  Export pressure 0.04MPa Fogging function yes
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