Air Knife Machine Ft-205a


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

Air Knife machine was designed specifically to blow-off all surface water, moisture, liquids of the products.
The products to be processed on the SUS conveyor where the surface water or moisture needs to be completely removed.
Air Knife machine exhausts high velocity air can be evenly controlled through the uniform slot design thereby supplying a powerful air flow across the entire surface of the products being processed.
FoodTec Air Knife machine equipped with stainless steel conveyor suitable for use in the food industry for process drying, cooling and cleaning of conveyed products.
The strength of the air flow can be adjusted by the slot.
Trays under the conveyor.
Swivel lockable castors.
Significant energy savings.

Dimension: L2000 × W700 × H1700 mm
Power: 6HP

Foodtec Machinery Corp.

Taiwan, Province of China