Wire Wound Inductors - Ceramic


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

Wire Wound Inductors (Ceramic), RF Chip Inductor Series-NL

EROCORE commits to:
• Meet or exceed the compliance requirements of all applicable environmental legislation, regulations, and other voluntary requirements to which we subscribe.
• Promote the prevention of pollution.
• Continually improve the effectiveness of our environmental management system.
Current Status: All EROCORE products are fully compliant with the RoHS Directive.

Product Manual:
1. Very strong solderability by reflow soldering and soldering iron or wave soldering.
2. Highly accurate dimensions can be mounted automaticlly.
3. Terminals are highly resistant to pull forces.
4. High reliable in environments of sudden temperature change and humidity.
5. Highly resistant to mechanical shocks and presure.
6. Superior Q characteristics and broadest selections amount peers.

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