Positioning Components-Locking Block Sets


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day
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Product Specifications

Material Hardness
1.2343 HRC50°~56°
Type Dimension t d4 d I5 I4 I3 I2 I1 S1 b3
JHN09/30 5 4 M10 16.5 4.5 20 11.5 10.5 36 30
JHN09/42 7 5 M10 18.5 5.5 15.5 20 14.5 46 42
JHN09/54 8 6 M12 20.5 7.5 25 18.5 17.5 56 54
JHN09/80 11 8 M16 25.5 7.5 30 28.5 27.5 76 80

Attention is given by positioning component supplier who wholesales high-quality positioning components:

  Remember the following points as you position multiple components:

  • All the components are positioned together without any relative movement between one another.

  • You can define constraints for multiple components in the same manner as you do for a single component.

  • You can add one or more components for positioning even as the Position tool is active. The added component immediately gets the transformation that the other components are sharing.

  • If you have selected 2 or more components for positioning, you cannot deselect any of them until they are positioned.

  • You can move and reposition multiple components as one unit using the handles of the dragger. While dragging a linear handle, you can snap the components to a geometric reference and constrain them.

  • If you add one or more components to a positioned multiple component set, any constraints that were applied earlier while positioning the components are cleared.