Rubber Products (A Variety Of Special-Shaped Rubber Seals)


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Production Capacity
0 20' Container / Day

Product Specifications

Main material:NBR,Silicone,EPDM,FKM

Colour:A variety of colors, can be customized

Size:Various sizes can be customized

Main functions and applications:It can be used for sealing of machinery,
pneumatic parts, electronic parts, auto parts, medical equipment, aerospace equipment parts and other parts

Provide additional processing services:Can be engraved

Product characteristics (applicable temperature, hardness,
density, elongation at break, tensile strength, etc.):Applicable temperature and hardness can be customized

Smell, is it toxic:Customizable food,
medical grade products

Can the product be customized:Customizable

Whether to accept the sample,whether the sample is fre:Samples can be customized for a fee


Operating temperature:Customizable

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