Ningbo Baodi Plastic Valve Co., Ltd.

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USNO.42 Yongjiang Road,Beilun,Ningbo city, Zhejiang province,P.R.China

Founded in 2006, the enterprise has established ISO9001 quality system to support the quality guideline: supported by Technology, Meticulously Researching, Professionally Manufacturing and Permanently Creating New Records. The first class production equipments and advanced manufacturing skills are introduced at the same time, involving KRAUSS-MAFFEL CPVC pipe production line and Haitian CPVC Plastic Molding Machine of 2800 tons. In order to ensure the quality of product, the raw materials like CPVC and PVDF are wholly imported from Noveon (USA) and Atofina (France). Under the foundation of strengthening the original quality, the new products are continuously developed consisting of 16 categories and 4 major series of valves with the specification from DN15 toDN600; 2 major series and 22 specifications of straight tube (metric system); 9 categories of pipe fittings with the specification from DN15 toDN300; 8 specifications of corrosion resistant fans; 2 major series and 6 specifications of corrosion resistant pumps; as well as other relative accessories, these products have reached domestic leading level. They are widely used in the industries like chemicals, petroleum, Chlor-Alkali, smelting, pharmacy, dyeing, foodstuff, electroplating, environmental production, purified water and so on, spreading not only to 1000 odd domestic large-/middle-scale enterprises, but also to the other countries.